Photo Courtesy of Roman Prudkin - Zeda Films

Photo Courtesy of Roman Prudkin - Zeda Films


In 2009, Gamma Nine was started in San Francisco by photographer/art director/DP Marc Fiorito to fill a void in the photography industry by providing full service photo and video services directly to clients as marketing & advertising creative moved in-house. As visual storytelling and customized photography continues to be a vital role in any company's marketing arsenal, Gamma Nine scales and optimizes their services to meet any client needs in a transparent and collaborative approach. Marc and his team are experienced at working through creative discovery, concept development, and production needs directly with a brand team, as well as being very fluent with agency direction.

Back in 2008, Marc left his sales and marketing role in the fashion industry and fell into photography through a series of extraordinary events, the most notable being a 4 month apprenticeship on an organic tomato farm. Through those years, Marc has photographed campaigns for Uber, Tile, Food & Wine Magazine, and Charles Krug to name just a few. Fast forward 10 years and Gamma Nine has matured into a full-fledged photography studio offering lifestyle, food, product, and portraiture photo services. 

Marc's photography doesn't end here.

His event photography, including Food & Wine Aspen can be seen here:

His outdoor lifestyle (passion work), including Triple Aught Design can be seen here: