About Us

At Gamma Nine, we feel lucky to be doing what we love most: visual storytelling. After a decade of marketing and sales experience, we’ve learned that the best way to tell a brand’s story is to transform the way we do things in order to embody the brand. We scale our team to meet the needs of the project and utilize our photography skills in a way that will most effectively tell your story to your audience.

Depending on our clients needs, we can seamlessly integrate into a brand’s marketing team to formulate a creative direction. Or we can capture beautiful and intelligent imagery with a previously-established creative strategy in mind.

Gamma Nine is led by principal + photographer, Marc Fiorito. Coming from a marketing and sales background, Marc is a seasoned photographer in a multitude of disciplines with the innate ability to translate marketing campaigns into beautiful imagery. In his free time, Marc enjoys traveling the world and using his skills and services to do non-profit work for Team Rubicon and Seedling Projects.



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